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Thursday, August 15, 2013

We service Small Engines and all Lawn Equipment

August 15, 2013

Here at RJ''s
we have the speciality of providing you with all your maintenance on all of your lawn equipment regardless of year make or model. We can perform service on push lawn motors, riding lawn motors to wood chippers  as well as the Industrial types.

Keeping your equipment well maintain is crucial for you to meet your daily obligation with your clients. Equipment that is not work will cost you time, money and at times clients.

The key is to have your equipment well maintain and to perform all the necessary maintenance that keeps your equipment in top performing shape, you can not afford not to keep up with your oil changes and making sure all your belts and components are all to the specs of the manufacturer.

Kioti KL401 Model

This unit belongs to the Uxbridge Soccer Club, we have been servicing there equipment this year so far it has worked out well. Regular maintenance, oil changes and making sure all moving components are working to it's peak performance and all the blades are sharp and well lubricated.

1940 Farm Hall Tractor 
One of loyal customer who has brought this one in for regular maintenance and fine tuning to keep it perform like it always has. This is one tough machine been around for a long time and works like it did when he first got it.

So if you need any heavy equipment to be serviced or looked at, set up an appointment and will get the work done for you. We only charge for the time we work on it not by a flat rate system.

241A Main Street North
Uxbridge, Ontario, L9P 1C3
Phone 905-852-4238

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