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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Here are some of the benefits of a catalytic converter, you should know

June 13, 2012

As your engine burns fuel, it produces many different types of different gases that have an immediate effect and it is very bad for our environment. Noxious gases are hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides. By having a catalytic converter in our emission systems we have taken the necessary precautions from polluting our environment.

The catalytic converter is installed in the exhaust lines, between the exhaust manifold and the muffler and makes use of chemicals that act as a catalyst. A catalyst is a chemical that causes a reaction between other chemicals without having any effect it self. The whole purpose of the catalytic converter is to convert the pollutants from harmful gases to environmental friendly through the tail pipe at the rear of your vehicle. 

With all the harmful gases that enter into the catalytic converter that is made of stainless steel and looks like a container. The actual inside of the converter is coated with chemicals called aluminum oxide platinum and palladium, in some case you will also find the chemical called rhodium. These chemicals inside the converter will cause the carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons to change into water vapor and carbon dioxide to reduce nitrogen oxides.

Keep in mind that you can not use leaded gas with an engine that was designed to have a catalytic converter, because of the lead that coats the chemicals in the converter, since the chemicals in the lining can not come in contact with the pollutants. As car manufacturers got wiser and started using tougher parts and coating them with special metal. As we all know the lead was an excellent source of reducing wear on some of the engine parts.

Catalytic Converter

Pictures of an Actual Catalytic Converter Used and New

Used Catalytic Converter
as you can see the black which is carbon build up from
lack of  proper maintenance changing your spark plugs!

New catalytic Converter as you can see the
wire screen is clean allowing the flow of the  Noxious
gas to be converted to harmless gases!

The overall look of an actual Catalytic Converter
Stainless Steel Neck and Body
Special 1/2" Lap-Joint Welds
Recessed Cushioning Mat
OEM Heat Shield
Honeycomb Catalyst
Quad Ribbed Body
Seame Welded Body

Short Video On Catalytic Converter

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  1. I know that catalytic converter will give so much advantage and benefits when in used. Thanks for the information.

  2. Yes it has many benefits, that is for sure thanks for the feed back.

  3. Agree with the above comment and this post to, Catalytic Converter is used for many beneficial purpose.

  4. Yea absolutely keep your engine and environment clean is vital for all of us

  5. I was greatly impressed on the post you have written. This is really a good site with great information along with excellent post about Catalytic Convertor Recyclers for all to view on this site.

    1. Thank You Karen glad you have enjoyed and understanding how it all works..

  6. this helped me with my school project, thanks!

    1. Well l hope you got an A for your efforts, glad it helped you with your school project!!

  7. All very good points to note!!! Looking forward to seeing what is in the baggies!
    Pt refining


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