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Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Ontario Drive Clean Program, your emission system!

June 7, 2012

The Ontario drive clean program is a mandatory vehicle emissions inspection and maintenance program. It provides many benefits to our health and the environment by reducing smog-causing pollutants through testing and repairing vehicle emission systems.

It is your responsibility of having a yearly emission test on your vehicle in order for you to renewal your registration and licence.  Consumers are protected when buying or selling their vehicle, making sure that the vehicle meets the emission standards. This way your buying a vehicle that has all of it's emission components working to the standards set out by the Ministry of Transportation.

By having your emissions tested, your protecting the environment from major domestic source of smog and several other toxic contaminants.  Smog as we all know can have a serious health consequences for many people particularly children , elderly and those with respiratory and cardiovascular illnesses.

What to do if your vehicle fails 

If your vehicles doesn't meet the Emissions Standards, you will be provided vehicle Inspection Report (VIR) this will explain the areas of where your vehicle failed.  Do not leave the dealer without this piece of paper. This report is very important for you having your vehicle repaired correctly other wise you will not qualify for the $450.00 repair cost limit.

You will need to repair your vehicle either at a local garage or at an accredited Drive Clean Facility (DCF) if it is done at a non accredited facility then you will have to bring in all your receipts when you come in for a re-test. If you need more time to qualify for the $450.00 Repair Cost Limit (RCL) is the maximum you will need to spend at a DCF on emission-related repairs before obtaining a conditional pass.

Once all the repairs have been done, you can qualify for the $17.50 plus HST, but you will have to go to the same DCF location you had the original test done at, you have 120 days to take advantage or you will have fork over another $35.00 plus HST.

Read this carefully!

Once you have received your conditional pass you are ready to get the renewal registration for your vehicle and sticker for your licences plate.  With a conditional pass, your vehicle is still subject to on-road enforcement if emissions control equipment has been removed or the vehicle has visible smoke.  The conditional pass is only valid for you to renew the plate sticker under the current ownership.

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  1. The main purpose of the emission control systems: is that it controls the emissions and exhaust from your vehicle some the pollutants it controls are the following types of toxic gases.
    hydrocarbons (unburned)
    carbon monoxide
    carbon dioxide
    nitrogen oxides
    sulfur dioxide
    lead and other metals

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