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Thursday, August 22, 2013

The importance of having your wheels re-torqued, keeping you safely on the road

August 22, 2013

One of the most forgotten processes done by most auto repair shops and dealership is reminding the customer to come back to have their wheels re-torqued.

Re-torquing your wheels is a safety feature that has to be performed within 50 - 75 Km after you had your tires switched over. When ever you switch from summer tires to winter tires or visa a versa. This process has to be done with any cost to you as a customer.

Patterns to follow when torquing your wheels

It is not really that difficult to torque wheel fasteners properly, but it's not difficult to foul up the job either. The guidelines are very important to follow, each vehicle has a vehicle manufacturer torque specifications following those instructions to the letter. this information is normally found in the owners manual.

Your shop should always also inspect the threads and mating surface to ensure that everything will fit clean and snug. One major trouble spot can occur if wheel fasteners are not OE. Make sure when your remounting a tire/wheel assembly the wheel fastener is absolutely compatible to the type of seat it will be torqued.

torque wrench

If you ever feel a vibration in your vehicle. This is often followed by premature tire wear and brake pedal pulsation. In many cases the number one cause of brake pedal pulsation is uneven wheel fastener torque. Just a small difference of 20 percent between any two wheel fasteners is too much.

The rule you should you always be aware of, any time a wheel is removed, it should be re-torqued. So you should drive the vehicle for 50 -75 km and then return to that dealer and have that wheel or wheels re-torqued. before leaving the automotive shop, ask when you should bring the vehicle back to be re-torque.

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  1. Any time a wheel is removed you should have the wheel or wheels re torqued, just a safety options that most mechanicals forget to remind the customer


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