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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The purpose of a Timing Belt and Water pump

November 28, 2012

The timing belt which is also known as a timing chain, plays a vital role in the function and operation of your vehicle, also needs to be maintain to the specification of your manufactures specs. The function of the timing belt it turns the engine's camshaft at a speed set by the crankshaft. This allows the crankshaft to operate the camshaft in opening and closing within specific timing with the pistons, which pushes your engine to work properly and efficient. 

The timing belt does exactly what it is named after to keep the engine "in time." if for some reason the belt has slipped or it is not properly aligned, the engine will not perform to it's capabilities and may cause your engine to break down. When you have your timing belt replaced you should always have your water pump replaced at the same time as they go hand in hand.

This is a very expensive process having a timing belt and water pump replaced, for the simple reason it is very tight inside the engine compartment. The vast major of the cost factor is due to the labour of getting at the timing belt and water pump, since there is not much room, several parts must be taking off in order for you to actually get to these parts of your engine. This is a job that is not highly recommended for an average garage to perform on your vehicle.

Configuration of Timing Belt and Water Pump
Timing Belt and Water Pump
how it performance
As you can see it makes sense to replace the water pump when ever your are replacing the timing belt as they go hand in hand with the over all performance of your vehicle's engine. Servicing your timing belt is a very costly process but presents an opportunity to extend the life of your vehicle by as much as up too 10 years. Since the timing belt runs on the water pump pulley in most late model vehicles, so it is just a matter of a few bolts to be removed in order to replace your water pump. Since the water pump seals can fail due to extra belt tension and general deterioration caused by age. Replacing your water pump will prevent an unforeseen disaster that could become very costly. 

Actual configuration of 2002 Volvo
timing belt and water pump


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