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Thursday, February 16, 2012


February 16, 2012


RJ PICK SERVICE is located in Uxbridge, Ontario formally knowing as RJ Pickups & Accessories Inc. On October 1st 2011 Jody Gay and Carl White bought the business from Raymond Jacques.  Jody and Carl welcome all existing customers and look forward to providing the highest quality of customer satisfaction in the industry.

Jody Gay and Carl White are both Licensed Mechanics with  (MVIS) Motor Vehicle Inspection Station of Ontario. They are experienced on all makes and models, cars, trucks Gas or Diesel no job is too complicated for these boys. Their mutual goal is to fix it right the first time.

Drop By and enjoy our laid back atmosphere. Our goal is to make you a customer for life. By going that extra mile with our service. Understanding our customers needs and wants by providing a written repair quote that is accurate and followed up with a phone call is what RJ PICK SERVICE is all about keeping you up to date with the status of your vehicle.

We are also an Authorized Tire Craft Dealer, we handle and sell all makes and models of tires for Trucks, Cars, SUV's,Trailers and Farm Equipment.  Our price always includes installation, balancing and new valve stems, the only thing on top is the taxes. We also provide a follow up with re torquing your wheels making sure they are well secured and safe.

We also supply accessories for trucks and vehicles from floor mats to tunnel covers and just about anything you will need to spice up your vehicle by adding that personal touch that makes you proud of your vehicle. We deal with major suppliers such as Robert Thibert,  Action Car  and Truck Accessories just to name a few.

We also specialize in Trailer Hitches, 5th Wheels and Goose Necks for all makes and models professionally installed with complete wiring and braking systems. This is an item you need to have people who have full experience with the above items, no room for mistakes. once you drill a hole it is there for ever.

We will be posting tips and updates on how you can better maintain your vehicle and making sure your repairs do not get out of hand when you look after your vehicle. We all know how important an "Oil Changes" is to your vehicle and other maintenance you can do to keep your vehicle running as smooth as possible.

All The Best 
Former Trainer for General Motors (GMDA)
"We are committed to providing the best trained personnel in the automotive industry" that was our mission statement when l worked for "Dealers Association of Toronto and District".


  1. If you take some time when your visit our showroom and how your where treated at RJ Pick Up Service. is what sets the standards that we want to achieve, with your support and feedback this is much appreciate. We all win, please feel feel free to leave a comment...We have a lot of working a head of us, but we are good at what we do, when fix it the first time, with out been quote on a flat rate system, we charge by the hour. You save and we have a happy customers, what are "Mission Statement" is all about one customer at a time...

  2. There be more information on this topic, just not the right timing, but most of us all know what has happened.....leave it at that....

  3. Well this is the weekend, when we showcase what we said we would do.....all we can do is live to our word..........We are making a difference is far as we cad see...always can leave a comment here.if l like l will approve it........if makes sense..l will approve.....but if it is anything else l will declined them as l have on several occasions...lets have fun this weekend......APRIL 28, 2012 our CUSTOMER APPRECIATION DAY!!

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