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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Features and Benefits of GTRadial Tires along with New Rebates

April 1, 2014

Finally getting a relief from this nasty winter we all had to experience, and now it is time for us to remove our snow tires and have them replaced with our summer times. 

When your having your tires replaced there are a few items you should be aware of. 
-Bring them to a licensed garage, they will inspect them for wear and tear
-Install them properly, with the correct torque.
-They will have you come back and have the wheels re-torque within 50 klms, for safety issues.
-Most shops will rebalance your summer tires, making sure they will provide you with a smooth comfortable ride.
-If your tires need to be replaced, you can choose a new set for your safety.
-Most shops will also inspect your front end, brakes and other item they will enhance the performance of your vehicle. 

Some of The New Spring Rebates from the Manufacturers that you should be aware of.

GTradials are providing the follow rebates when you purchase a set of four tires, you can mail it in or go the on-line rebate it's your choice. Rebates will be in the form of a $50 Visa Gift card.

CHAMPIRO HPY Max Performance Summer tire $50.00 rebate

Champiro HPY is a proven ultra-high performance asymmetrical tire designed to provide excellent control, turn-in and grip in the curves and stability on the straight roads, wet or dry conditions.
Champiro HPY
Feature and Benefits of the Champior HPX

New asymmetric pattern design
Outstanding corning on wet and dry surfaces

Solid centre rib
Straight line stability and steering response

Four wide circumferential grooves
Efficient water evacuation provides excellent hydroplaning resistance

Full silica tread compound
Enhanced Grip on wet surfaces

ADVENTURO AT3 On/Off road All Terrain Tire $50.00 rebate

The Adventuro AT3 is an all terrain tire designed for light truck and SUV drivers wanting aggressive looks with civilized on-road manners. the Adventuro AT3 provides excellent handling and wet grip, with a comfortable ride on-road and superb off-road capability
Adventuro AT3
The Benefits and Features of the Adventuro AT3

Enhanced Tread Compound
Provides excellent wet and dry grip, longer tread life, and improved cut/chip resistance.

Interlocked tread Blocks and S-Shaped Central Rib
Delivers excellent handling stability and improved grip on both soft and loose surface.

3D Groves with Chamfered Edges
Results in self-cleaning tread design for consistent off-road performance, while reducing stone holding/drilling

Five-Pitch Pattern Technology
Helps road noise for a quieter, more comfortable ride

Rim Protector
Helps protect wheel from curb damage

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