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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Why cleaning and Gap spark plugs are important

August 28, 2012

Keeping you vehicle well tuned and running at it's peak performance all starts with the condition of the spark plugs. The most important task of a spark plug in your engine is that they produce an electrical spark that ignites the mixture of fuel and air in your engine's combustion chamber, causing the pistons to move up and down. With the piston moving up and down, is what allows your car wheels to ultimately turn.  The spark created by the spark plugs is critical part of the whole process; it initiates the combustion in your internal combustion engine.

One of the key factors is how a spark plug eventually becomes useless and is not performing to its capabilities, each time the spark plug creates a spark it looses some of the metal on the plug, causing the spark plug to increasing the voltage needed to fire the next time. Many other factors will cause the spark plug to get worn out, such as internal heat, gasoline and oil that can reduce their effectiveness. Why it is important to keep on top of your spark plugs, worn out spark plugs have to work harder to get the same results a new well gapped plugs.

Here are some images of spark plugs and what happens to them

As you can see on the images on how a spark plug should look like to what can and will happen over the course of time of being used. When you have a proper gapped spark plugs and a well tuned engine your overall performance will be at it's peak performance and manufactures specs. Why it is vital and important to change your spark plugs accordantly.

So how often should you replace your spark plugs,  traditional standard copper plugs should be replaced every 10,000 miles or 16,000 klms. The more expensive iridium or platinum spark plugs can last up to 60,000 miles or 96,000 klms, with some of the even higher-end iridium plugs that have been advertise to reach 120,000 miles or 192,000 klms but there's no actual guarantee they'll be able to achieve this plate form.

Some of the factors that will indicate that it is time for you to replace your spark plugs are as follow. if your having trouble starting your vehicle, it sounds very rough at idle speed, stalls or your notice a drastic change in your fuel economy than it may be time for you to replace them old plugs. The other main source is remove one of the plugs and look at the overall condition, if your still not sure then have a mechanic look at it and get his advise.

This is what a well worn out spark plug looks like:
Worn out Spark Plug

This is what a brand new one should look like:

Hope this information will help you understand the importance of keeping your spark plugs at it's peak performance and when it is time to have them replace. if you have enjoyed this article place share it with your network all the best.


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  1. Keeping your vehicle well tune up is the first start, changing your spark plugs will provide your vehicle with many benefits, improved gas mileage, better performance and easy starts. There many other factors that you will benefit from by simply changing your spark plugs...

    1. I agree with you, so you must ensure that you'll choose the best and quality Industrial Spark Plugs.

  2. Absolutely no short cuts, you have to have the correct plug to provide the correct spark to ignite the system making it all work out smoothly.

    1. So you have to do it really manually and correct. Champion Spark Plugs is really very important in any type of engine.

  3. Well what you use is up too you, but some spark plugs definitely better then other this is a proven fact, thanks for the feed back.


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