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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Working on the Braking system of Chevy Silverado 3500

May 9, 2012

Brake systems are designed to slow the vehicles wheel movement friction. There are primarily two types of braking systems, ABS and non ABS (anti-lock brake system). Both of these systems work on basic hydraulics and utilize a brake master cylinder ( connected to the brake pedal in the vehicle) that supplies brake fluid pressure to the front brake calipers and rear wheel cylinder or brake calipers if its equipped that way. The brake system requires hydraulic force that is many times greater that the force applied by your foot. This added  hydraulic force is achieved by leverage multiplication. Varying the relative location of the brake master cylinder rod pivot as it relates to the lever can change multiplying force.

Standard configuration of a Braking System

Here is an example of a well used Brake Rotor from a 2005 Chevy 3500, as you can see from the picture all the groves in the rotor caused by worn out brake pads.

Worn out Brake Rotor

This example displays a newly installed Brake rotor, as you can see in the picture how clean it looks compared to the used one. Now the pads will be able to apply the pressure to slowing down without any pulsation caused by worn out pads and rotors.

New Brake Rotor

We also Specialize in customizing Rotors and Calipers
We can give your Calipers a totally different look, making them stand out and enhancing the over all appearance of your truck or vehicles. More picture to be added to this section as we are getting more and more requests for this type of service. In the example below we painted the Caliper black or any color you decide to choose, red is another hot color we have done.

Customized Brake Caliper
as you can see we painted the Caliper black!

Maintenance and Inspection on your Brakes.

Your brakes should be inspected every 40,000 to 50,000 klms, making sure they are operating at peak performance. Checking the following items your Master Cylinder, top it up with brake fluid make sure you  use a quality OEM product (original equipment manufactures) rated for your specific vehicle, flex hoses, brake shoes or pads for wear. Always use quality parts when your replacing parts, if your using inexpensive parts, they will squeak, grumble and will need to be replaced sooner then the quality parts.

This next example will illustrate when brake pads are not installed properly, lubricated and grind to fit properly making them slide evenly against the rotor.
Brake Pad that was not installed

This is the result of what a poorly
installed brake pad will do to your Rotor

All our parts are supplied by Impact Auto Parts 
so we never have to wait for parts to be delivered if they are in stock. 

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