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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Fall Recommendation That Your Vehicle Requires

August 27, 2013

With summer coming to an end, means your vehicle will also need attention to keep it running effective for the new season. Keep your vehicle well maintained is not only wise but it will "Save" you not only a lot of money but grief. 

Vehicles need to be fully inspected for all seasons, winter creates many headaches for drivers and having your vehicle inspected is the first step you should have performed before winter arrivals. 

One of the very first items that should come to your mind, is winter tires, having your existing tires inspected or researching a set of new tires is an important factor that many wait until the last minute. Keep in mind just because your tires have a lot of thread left and they look good, winters life expectations is approximately 4 years. What happens is the compound that make up the tires dry up and making your tires unsafe for any type of driving.

Some of the recommendations we recommend that you should always do for  any season is the following items that l will list for your peace of mind driving.

Inspection of Tires, should always be performed at least once a week, for proper tire pressure, as winter approach tires will loose more air during the winter then any other month. Make sure you have no visible cracks on your tires either on the side wall or in between the threads. This is what could happen if you fail to do the above.

Your Cooling System, will also need a lot of attention, makes sure your antifreeze is performing at it's best level, investing on tester is also a wise idea, they cost like around $5, a good investment. Make sure the mix is correct 50/50 mix of water and antifreeze and the level is full.

Replace Wipers, summer wipers do not work as well as proper wipers in the winter, so you should at least check them or have them replaces with a wiper manufactured for winter or just a set of new wipers. Make sure your wiper sprayer is working properly and your wind shield fluid tank is full.

Clean Your Battery Terminals, inspection of your battery terminals will keep the flow of the required electricity to operating your vehicle at its peak performance. Clean the sulphur that builds around the terminals with a wire brush. Always lubricate your battery terminals with any petroleum products, this will help provide the build up on your battery terminals.

Inspect Your Spark Plugs,   properly gapped spark plug will not only improve your gas mileage, but it will allow your vehicle to perform at its peak performance. 

Have Your Brakes Inspected, should be done every three or four months depending on how much city driving you do. Keeping your brakes inspected for wear and tear is a very safety related item of your regular maintenance check list. Most shop will inspect your brakes when you have an oil change.  Your front 

Front End of your vehicle, inspecting all the moving and none moving components, such your ball joints, idler arms, pitman arms, shocks, wheel bearings and have your vehicle aligned at least once a year. This will add life to your tires and saving you a lot of money in the long haul.

Oil Changes and rotating your Tires. You should have your oil changed regardless of which comes first the 3 months or 5,000 km is what we recommend to protect the life of your engine. Keep in mind that the oil in your vehicle is like the blood in our bodies. 

If you have enjoyed this article feel free to ask any question you may have and l will reply to your question and provide solutions to your problem. 

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