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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Summer Recommendation for keeping your vehicle running efficient

June 6, 2013

Perhaps we should not be in a panic to get our vehicle ready for summer driving. With the way the weather has been who knows what our next season will be. Sooner or later mother nature will provide us with some warmer and perhaps hot weather.

Some of the key areas you will need to focus on with your vehicle are listed below to ensure you that you have your vehicle running at it's peak performance.

Check or replace your tires.
If you have two sets of tires, one for winter driving and the other for summer driving you should have had them installed already by your local garage. They should be properly balanced, correct (PSI) and do not forget to go back and have them re-check for tightness after you had them mounted. this should be don within 30 - 50 kms of driving as a safety precautionary.

Lube Oil and change all your filters
Changing your oil should be done every 5,000 kms or 3,000 miles regardless of what your manufacturer say's it is the blood line and will add additional life to your investment. Air Filter, fuel filter should all be changed and one other filter not many think of is the cabin air filter. A cabin air filter is a mechanism that keeps air inside the passenger compartment of your vehicle from becoming stale and unhealthy. Many consumers are not even aware their vehicle has a cabin air filter. Normally found inside the dash or else where where it is not easily seen. More Information on this subject 

Coolant and Air Conditioning System
rust and sediment will accumulate over a period of time in the cooling system. When your flushing your radiator according to the guide lines provided to you in your owners manual will keep your vehicle cooling system clean and operating properly. More Information on this subject.

Your Air Conditioning system should be fully inspected. Coolant is subject to rapid break down because it functions in a hot and hostile environment. When the coolant's rust inhibitors get depleted, the confined cooling passages in the engine and radiator are vulnerable to corrosion. This should be down at a proper garage that has expertise in this field.

Have all Your Belts and Hoses Inspected
Your belts and hoses are basically the blood line to keeping your engine operating at its peak performance. When a hose or a belt fails, it can or will cause an engine to overheat, loss of power steering and loss of the electrical charging system.  Read more Information on this subject

The Last Tip we all know but forget at times.
Never leave a pet in a hot vehicle, the temperature can reach unbearable conditions and may cause instant death.

Book your vehicle to have all the summer maintenance that it requires, we save you a great deal of time, frustration and most of all avoid costly future repairs that could have been easily avoided.

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