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Friday, November 9, 2012

Why "RJ's" charges by the hour not by the Book!

November 9, 2012

Something that is over looked by many customer, for the simple reason they have
not really understood how the hours where calculated on specific work done to their vehicles. Most shops use a fix rate for each specific job that is worked on. Let's take this example into consideration a "Front Brake Job" including replacing  "Front Rotors" and "Ceramic Pads," calls for 2 hours, most good techs will do this in hour or less. But the customers will be charged for 2 hours not the one hour it took the tech to perform this work.

This is called a flat rate system that most repair shops use in order to accumulate additional hours towards their pay checks and repair shop, it is a win, win situation for the repair shop and the tech. Here at RJ Pick Up Service we charge by the hour if took us 3 real hours and the book calls for 4.5 hours you will only get charged the 3 hours. This is what we call a share win, we both benefit from this process, your happy and we have your business for future service.

This system has been in place since day one here at RJ Pick Up Service! Well most shops are empty we have had a steady flow of work and on some cases had to turn work away or re book for another time and day. So next time you get any work done on your vehicle you should ask this question is your shop on a flat rate or hourly rate. When you compare quotes, you will see a drastic difference in pricing from hourly rate to a flat rate quote.

Our main focus here is too educate our customer through articles we write about on how to maintain your vehicle and keep your vehicle running to it's peak performance. By sharing this type of information we all benefit; we do work that is only needed to be done, and keeps our shop busy, all that really matters. Thanks to our loyal customers and look forward to our future customers.

Now is the time to also to change your tires and have your winter tires installed, call us for an appointment and we will also make sure your vehicle is totally ready for the up coming winter.

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