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Monday, October 29, 2012

Don't let Winter catch you off Guard

October 29, 2012

Why do people always wait for the last minute to switch their tires. as soon as they see snow it becomes time to switch them. This is the time to do it, let us look and evaluate the condition of your winter tires, keep in mind winter tires last 3 to 4 years depending on the brand you own. The compound used in winter tires become harder each year making your tires not as safe as they should be, Most people think, well my tires look like they have a lot of tread left, but that is a misconception of what the expected life of a winter or any tire for that matter.

We are now Booking all our appointments for re and re tires on rims or off rims. When you do get your tires remounted, make sure that you have a follow up to have your tires re torqued, this is very important and should be part of your package. Re torquing means that your wheel bolts have a possibility of becoming loose and should be re torque, takes just a few minutes, we provide all our customers with a reminder that they should have this no charge item looked after. Safety is everything!

Some of the new special that are in effect at the moment with Tire-Craft Dealers have a look at the picture and enter your name and have an opportunity to win  a $4,000.00 winter escape, how nice would that be.

Good Luck with your entries and look forward to providing all our loyal customer with 
the professional service we have being doing since day one!

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