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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Saving fuel; Tips on driving and maintenance

April 10, 2012

The most important thing one can do is chose the most fuel-efficient vehicle for your everyday needs, you can achieve additional savings and reduce your vehicle’s impact on the environment by following these tips created by.

The Natural Resources Canada

Driving Tips:

-Accelerate gently: The harder you accelerate the more fuel you will use. In the city, where about half of the fuel you consume is used to accelerate your vehicle, you can save as much as 15 percent by pressing the pedal gently. Imagine an open cup of coffee on your dashboard – don’t spill it!!

-Maintain a steady speed: you will not only consume less fuel but also help enhance traffic flow, minimize emissions and enjoy safer driving conditions. Use cruise control for highway driving, where conditions permit, to maintain a steady speed and optimize your fuel savings.

-Anticipate traffic: Hard braking and rapid acceleration burns more fuel and are unsafe. Drive defensively and watch ahead for changes in traffic flow. When possible, leave plenty of space between you and the vehicle in front of you.

-Coast to decelerate: By anticipating slowdowns and removing your foot from the accelerator as early as possible, you can decrease your speed and conserve fuel. Most vehicles today have fuel-injection systems that automatically shut off the flow of fuel to the engine when you accelerator is released, so take advantage by coasting.

-Avoid high speeds: The faster a vehicle travels above 80 km/h the more fuel it consumes. For example, vehicle needs 20 percent more fuel to go 120 km/h than to go 80 km/h. slow down for safer and more fuel –efficient driving.

-Don’t idle unnecessarily: If you’re going to be stopped for more than 60 seconds – when parked –turn the engine off.

-Use air conditioning sparingly: Due to the extra load on the engine, air conditioning can increase your vehicle’s fuel consumption by 20 percent. Roll down your windows when city driving, or use the vehicle’s flow-through ventilation on the highway.

-Lighten your load: Roof and bicycle racks decrease your vehicle’s aerodynamics and heavy items in your trunk add weight, causing your vehicle to burn more fuel. Take only what you need.

-Make one long trip instead of several short ones: Separate trips of less the 5 km do not allow a cold engine to reach its peak operating temperature, resulting in increased fuel consumption and emissions, Combine trips into one outing to save time, fuel and money.

-Leave your vehicle at home: Walk, bike, carpool or take public transit whenever possible.

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  1. Once you take advantage of these "Tips" you will save get better gas milage and most of all you will have more moeny to spend other items that are important to you. Leave a reply if you have found that this article will benefit you!

  2. This is really nice post.There are many saving fuel tips on driving and maintenance.I have got many information about saving fuel.Good work keep it up !!!
    Auto Service centre

  3. Thank you Fred for the kind feedback, well all we can do is provide good solid information that will provide our readers with benefits they can enjoy!!! Go to the top of this blog and sing up, and see what you will get.......l think you will like it...

  4. I been conducting a test on another way you can increase your fuel mileage, l been using the middle of the pack fuel at my local gas station.........taking some status.....l get more bang for my dollar when l pay more.........yea it is ridiculous the price we are paying............if we do follow these cost effective tips.....l guess we can just afford it....try this...and see for your self...share this article if you have enjoyed it....or just book mark this site...


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