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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Our customer "Appreciation Day" has been revised!

April 5, 2012

We have had several setbacks, but the key is to maintain our focus on our mission to provide an above average service to our existing and new clients. The whole concept behind a customer "Appreciation Day" is to make it beneficial to you and your family a fun day. We will have many displays of products, services, accessories providing you with all your automotive needs.

We will been sharing some hotdogs, hamburgers soft drinks and water along with some outstanding specials and draws for items to be named later, 50/50 raffle with proceeds being donated to the Canadian Breast Cancer Society, you can also donate $5.00 to the (CBCS) and get “4 PINK VALVE STEMS”

for your vehicle, support pink!!

We will have some inflatable displays making it a fun and very educational day if you drive a vehicle; they unfortunately cost money to run. We will provide tips on how to maintain your vehicle at the highest level, saving you additional money with regular services. With the current price of gas, we need to take a different approach on how we can maintain a logical and financial budge for our travel.

We have improved the overall look of RJ PICKUP SERVICE, from the outside to the inside, our showroom is coming along, adding new features and displays from Wi-Fi usages as you wait for your vehicle to creating and research your brand of tires, rims and all kinds of accessories that will enhance the overall appearance of your vehicle.

What we desire is to have our clients well educated and understanding what exactly they are getting when they purchase items, from warranties to whatever you can think of, we will provide you with the information you may require. We all work hard for our dollar; how you spend it is your business. We want to earn your dollar not take it…

More information on our “Customer Appreciation Day” to follow; 
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We will be having a customer
"Appreciation Day"
Revised Date
Saturday April 28th from 9am - 3pm
More information to follow....

241A Main Street North
Uxbridge, Ontario, L9P 1C3
Phone 905-852-4238

We're driving towards a cure with every car we service
show your support and go pink!!


  1. We are looking for additional sponser who would have an interest in displaying there service during our Customer Appreication day, call us for more details. We are only looking for two additional display booths, an opportunity to allow our audience to take advantage of our services and products..

  2. Flyer's have been sent to printers, double sided, loaded with information for this special day. We will share a fun filled day with all who attended our promotion, educational on your automotive needs without any stress.....will be having several different displays and concepts and ideas on how to save you money one all your automotive needs..From parts, accessories and all the service we provide...


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