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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Your Suspension Should Be Inspected Annually

March 27, 2014

Electronic Stability Control Configuration

With vehicles lasting longer with an average age of approximately 10.4 years, you need to have your suspension checked out annually by a trained licensed mechanic.  One of the main reason you should have suspension inspected annually.

Many of these's vehicle came equipped with Electronic Stability Control (ESC) which depends on a properly functioning suspension as well as the braking system. 

The function of the ESC is to help prevent spin-outs and roll-overs. Some in the industry called this the seat belt of the future. This system was developed to help your vehicle stay in control when you over steered or you traveling over and above its traction control. 

The ESC system senses when the vehicle is rolling or leaning too far, as well as when the tires lose traction. When this occurs a message is sent to instantly reduce speed, apply one of the individual wheel brakes to maintain vehicle control. 

The other items that should be check and replaced if needed are your shocks fronts and rears. With age, they will leak and just perform the job it was supposed to do for your vehicles handling abilities. Have them inspected for wear and tear, providing you with safe driving. 

Rear Shocks, with age they will leak and not perform
to their abilities 
The function of the shock is to absorb the movement of the vehicle and allow the coil springs to move freely and prevent them from bouncing is why you need good working shocks. With weak shocks will contribute to several avoidable repairs, such as poor tire wear and premature suspension wear. 

3 Tips for checking Your Shocks

-Stand in front of your parked vehicle, now stand back and see if both sides are balanced equally.

-Put one knee on the bumper of your vehicle, push down to test if your shocks are weak. Now watch the vehicle bounce back to its original position, if it continues to bounce then your shocks should be inspected immediately. 

-Visually inspect the front struts or shock absorbers. Knee down beside one of the front tires, look for any signs of leaks, visible by a substance of liquid flowing from your shocks. Means your seals are worn out. Get your vehicle to have it inspected by trained licensed mechanic. 


So the next time you're at a local garage for an oil change, have them physically review the wear and tear of your suspension, the most garage will not charge you for this service. If they do, time to find a new garage. Keeping your vehicle safe is our main go. 

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