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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

September 11, 2012

Today we will be modifying a 2011 Ford Mustang, increasing the over all performance and power of this muscle vehicle.  l have taken some before and after pictures to be displayed, the vehicle is owned by one of our local customers. Who decided to beef up his vehicle and make it perform totally different with the increase in horsepower and modifications to the exhaust system and engine.

The 2011 Ford Mustang produces 305 horses with an impressive 6.4L/100 km hwy, pretty tough to best for a muscle car. With it's over 3.7L aluminium engine boasts dual-overhead cams and Ti-VCT (Twin independent Variable Camshaft Timing) with all the modification we should get another 80 horsepower added to this vehicle.

2011 Ford in it's original shape
2011 in its original shape!

With original tail pipes
With original tail pipes
With no modification to engine
How the engine looks all original

Exhaust system that is all original 
No modification done yet to exhaust system
Original headers and X-Pipe
Original X-Pipes

Performance Exhaust & Hi-Flow X-Pipes
They are manufactured with CNC mandrel-bent steel tubing for non-restrictive airflow and a one piece laser cut flange for added strength and durability. 

Power-plus Series Cold-Air Induction System
Utilize high flow CAD designed tubing with high flow washable conical cotton element filters, providing maximum horsepower and cold-air performance

Power Plus has replace the original Air Filter
Program The Computer with all the revised Data
It will store the original factory data, and revise it with all
the new data, increasing horsepower and over all performance.

This new After market Chrome Tail-Pipes:

After market Headers that where installed to the X-Pipe

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