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Monday, June 4, 2012

Why oil spraying your vehicle makes sense.

June 4, 2012

Undercoating your vehicle is one the smartest things you can do to protecting your vehicle and keeping all your repairs at a vast reduction. The main reason is that when you do have your vehicle undercoated your providing lubrication to all major and functional components such as wiring, lights and electrical items. 

Some of the major components that are protected when you do have your vehicle oil sprayed, this will ensure that they operate freely. Windows and all door mechanisms, door locks, electrical systems, brake cables, Linkage for transmission, remote mirrors, door hinges, hood and truck hinges, reduces friction on all moving parts, power antennas and C.V. joints. 

Some of the other major components that are protected when you have your vehicle sprayed is the following items. All body panels, spot welds, all chrome, cowl assemblies, headlight pots and adjusters, transmission case, oil pans, sub-frame and hidden box sections, inner frame work, wiring connections and computer chips.

With all the above benefits that oil spraying your vehicle provides and protecting your investment, vehicles that have been oil sprayed from day one always have a higher re-sale value when your re selling or trading in your vehicle. The main reason is your vehicle looks better then most vehicles on the road because you took the time to protect your investment.

I hope this provides enough information for you to take some time and research the pros and cons of having your vehicle oil sprayed each year, is it worth it. Only you can make that decision my answer is it is an absolutely one of the most important features you can do to making your vehicle last as long as it will.

Here some pictures of what happens when you do not oil spray or rustproof your vehicle

As you can see the undercarriage looks
old and rusty.

This could of been prevented
the rocker panel is completely rotten 

The other side is the same way
if you had oil sprayed it would not look like this
As you can see all the corrosion has developed
cause brake lines to rust out and leak. Could of been prevented
had he oil sprayed his truck!

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  1. When you undercoat your vehicle you are adding protection to all components of your vehicle. This makes working on your vehicle much easier since all moving parts are not sized or rust out.

  2. I am very much pleased with the topic you have chose for. I enjoyed every little bit part of it.
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  3. I just recently bought a new truck and want to make sure I do everything possible to maintain it in good condition. Like you said, undercoating is one of the smartest things you can do to protect your vehicle and reduce repairs. This sounds getting an undercoating will be a beneficial investment for me and my truck. Thanks for sharing!

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