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Monday, May 14, 2012

Tips on why your Air conditioning system is not working efficiently

 May 14, 2012
With today’s technology all you have to do to make your air conditioning work is press a button, that simple. Most air conditioning systems today are very reliable on a modern or relatively new vehicle. If you own an older vehicle and the A/C system is not performing. Some of the most common reasons your air conditioning system is not working to its peak performance.  If you’re not getting any cold or not getting sufficient cold air. Based on our research we have listed below some of the common factors that may be causing you’re A/C system not performing to its peak performance level.
If you’re not get any Cold Air
-Loose or broken drive belt
-Inoperative compressor or slipping compressor clutch
-Defective expansion valve
-Clogged expansion valve, receiver-drier or liquid refrigerant line.
-Blown fuses
-Leaking component; any of the parts listed above or one of the A/C lines, hoses or seals.

If you’re only getting insufficient cold Air
-Low refrigerant charge
-Loose drive belt
-Slipping compressor clutch
-Clogged condenser or evaporator
-slow leak in the system
-Partial clogged filter or the expansion valve.
Air conditioning problems should be left to repair shops who have the knowledge and tools to properly diagnostic the root of the problem that is causing you’re A/C to not perform to its peak performance. Since most do not have the proper tools or knowledge to work on the A/C system. It is highly recommended that you have your A/C system checked regularly to the specs of your vehicles spec as advised by the manufactured. If you live in a cold weather climate, you should turn on your A/C unit for at least 10 minutes per month. You’re A/C system contains a light mineral oil in the refrigerant to keep the compressor well lubricated.

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  3. Today's technology is getting better and better. Especially with air conditioning! We are finally able to upgrade out of our swamp cooler. What a relief! I can't wait to have real, modern air conditioning!
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  5. Nice information shared on air conditioning system. With these tips I am sure one can save some money during AC repair or installation. It helped me to save some money already at the time of my new AC installation at home. Thanks for sharing.


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