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Thursday, May 3, 2012

May  3, 2012

5 Key ways to keep your vehicle running at peak fuel efficiency!

There was a time when the price of fuel was affordable and it was not a factor to fill up our vehicles. With the ever unpredictable cost of fuel which only seems to go one way, almost on a daily price increase. We now have to find ways to make sure we get the most possible mileage from our vehicles. By performing these few simple maintenance tasks yourself, will help you squeeze a few extra kilometers from each tank.

1. When is the Best Time to Fill Up?

You should always try to fill up your vehicle during the coolest part of the day, fuel becomes denser when it’s cool, and so you actually get more for your money when you pump gas in the morning; instead of filling up in the evening when temperatures are the warmest. Also, if you really want to save additional money stay away from the premium fuel and use the cheaper stuff, stay away from E85 the ethanol-mixed fuel provides lower fuel economy than the pure stuff.

2. Keeping Your Vehicle Clean Helps

When you keep your vehicle clean it will not only look good, it actually lowers the wind resistance of your vehicle add some wax to get a true effect. Not by much but every little bit helps. Remove all your unnecessary heavy boxes from the trunk and from your back seat that you do not need. Keeping the weight down, will improve your fuel economy.

3. Make sure you check Your Tire Pressure

This is a very important step to do, not only is it easy but with underinflated tires it will take more energy to make your wheels turn? You will have to invest in a good dial-type tire pressure gauge and use it to check your tires at least once a week, especially in winter when tires lose air more frequently. Always check the tire pressure recomandation on the inside of the driver’s door, do not use what the tire manufacture suggest on the actual tire. Just a few PSI low, you will burn a lot more fuel than you did if you had the correct PSI on each tire.

4. Make Sure You Change the Air filter

When you have a dirty air filter it will make the engine work twice as hard bringing in the air it needs to burn fuel efficiently. Inspect your air filter with every other oil change and replace it if is dirty, the cost of a new one will help you save money by providing your vehicle with better gas mileage. If you live in the country, where it is much dustier, check your air filter with each oil change. When your engine breathe freely, it is working as efficient as possible.

5. Replace Your Spark Plugs

This is more than likely the most important maintenance you can perform on your vehicle and many of us just forget about it. Worn spark plugs will not ignite the air/fuel mixture in your engine as effectively. This will cause your engine to use more fuel to produce the same amount of power produced by properly gapped spark plug that are clean. You should change your spark plugs every 60,000 klms or depending on the vehicle you drive, You may need to change them yearly. You will need to refer to your owner’s manual on what is recommended for your specific vehicle. You may need to take your vehicle to your local automotive garage and allow them to replace he spark-plugs.

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