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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Installing Trailer hitches that need to be customized!

April 18, 2012

Installing a trailer hitch that has to be customized to fit a specific vehicle takes time and a great amount of knowledge, to assure it fits properly  and to the exact manufactures specs to avoid any manufactures warranties being cancelled.  With today’s technology the hitches we use are manufactory specifically for that vehicle saving time.  No need to drill holes on the frame, as they are already pre drilled by the manufactory.

The tricky part is all in the wiring for your trailer to have the brake lights functioning according to the specs and the safety of the vehicle on the road. We used a T-One Connector, designed specifically for this vehicle.  With this example we are installing a class three hitch with a seven way adaptor and adding a brake controller to the specification requested by the customer and assuring all our work meets the specific specs for the 2012 Toyota Veneza!

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As you can see from the picture, the hitch has been installed directly to the pre drilled holes made by the manufactory; we had to weld the seven way adaptor to the hitch frame, keeping it clean and having that factory professional look.  The adaptor wires when are not in use, will be kept inside the vehicle, saving them from becoming damaged by the environment conditions as our seasons change.  

The last step on this project was to add a brake controller, to provide additional safety when you are pulling a trailer. An electric trailer brake controller is a device that supplies power from the tow vehicle to the trailer's electric brakes. many styles are available that differ from how they look, to the number of brakes they can power, but all of them can be divided up into two main groups Proportional or Time Delayed.

How we mounted the actual brake controller, without having to drill any holes on the undercarriage of the dash. You just plug it to the adapter located just under the steering wheel, when your not using the brake controller, you can put it in safe place and the vehicle looks all original.

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Proportional Brake Control
Proportional brake control sense how quickly the tow vehicle is stopping and applies the same amount of braking power to the trailer.

Time Delayed Brake control
With a time Delayed brake controller when you step on the vehicle brakes a predetermined amount of braking power is sent to the trailer and then there is a delay as the unit ramps up to full braking power.

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  1. Thank you glad you appreciate it...just one of them things that takes time and pride in making your clients appreciate your work.

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  3. Why allow anyone to do a job that may effect the look of your vehicle, we do it the right way; the first time...Leave a reply with any items you need fixed on your hitch, goose neck, fifth wheel, we will provide you with a logical solution.. Yea what we do!!


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