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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

What are some good work practices to follow?

March 7, 2012

Before you attempt to work on your vehicle, here is a list of recommendation for you to follow for your own health and safety. When you follow theses recommendation you are taking the necessary precautions for your safety.

-Read, understand, and follow the instructions and recommendations described in the operating and maintenance manuals for tools and equipment you use.

-Stop the engine and disengage power before servicing.

-Work as a team. Do not start an engine, engage power, raise, or lower an implement or hoist without warning other people in the area.

-Lock out equipment by removing the ignition key and by disconnecting the battery cables.

-Always disable the electrical system by disconnecting a battery cable or removing fuses for a circuit when working on the electrical system (e.g., starter motor, radio, wiring, ignition, etc.)

-It is good practice to disable the electrical system when working on or near the safety air bags.

-Know how to work safely with all tools and equipment.

-Attach a "Do Not Operate" tag to the vehicle's control panel with the reason stated (such as 'no brakes').

-Use jacks and hoists to move and handle heavy components.

-Use solvents with a flashpoint above 60°C where possible to reduce the risk of fire.

-Clean up spilled oil, grease, fuel and other slipping and fire hazards immediately.

-Inspect compressed air hoses regularly, and immediately replace any which are cracked, worn or frayed.

-Ensure that air pressure reducers, gauges and moisture/dirt traps are cleaned and functioning.

-Dispose or recycle waste materials in accordance to government regulations.

-Above and underground tanks, pump pits, and similar areas are considered confined spaces and can be dangerous. Only specifically trained individuals are allowed entry. Contact your local jurisdiction for more information.

-Do not use gasoline for cleaning. Use cleaning solvents in approved containers.

-Do not wear rings, watches, ties, jewelry, or torn or loose clothing. Button up shirt front and sleeves. Tie back long hair.

-Do not run engines inside unless ventilation systems are attached, and the exhaust is vented outside.

-Change oily clothing and launder regularly to prevent skin irritation and dermatitis.

-Use safe lifting techniques when moving heavy parts.

-Do not allow customers, family or untrained people in the work area.

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