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Saturday, March 17, 2012

We Service and provide Annuals for all Your Trailers and Trucks!

March 17, 2012

As an operator and owner of any Trailer or Truck, it is your responsibility to keep your vehicle maintain with maintenance under the Highway Traffic Act and the operators system of periodic maintenance and inspection. Here are the items that must meet or exceed the rules and regulations.


1. All lights and reflectors (equipped and functioning as required under the Act and the regulations)
2. Wheels and fasteners (for wheel or rim cracks, defective lock rings, loose or missing fasteners)
3. Tires (for tread depth, flat or noticeable leaks, any visible bumps or bulges, mixture or bias and radial tires on the same axle, contact with any part of the vehicle or any other tire)
4. Fuel system (for visible leak at any point, tank filler caps shall not be missing, the fuel tank shall be securely mounted)
5. Exhaust system (for audible leaks, missing or loose components, secure mountings)
6. Fifth wheel (for loose, missing or ineffective fasteners, missing, broken or deformed parts in the locking mechanism, operating handle being in closed or locked position when in use)
7. Suspension, springs, air bags and controlling attachments (for any cracked, broken, loose or missing axle positioning or fastening parts, broken or missing spring leaves, broken coil springs, deflated air suspension due to system failure)
8. Towing and coupling devices (for missing or unattached safety devices, or safety devices not capable of secure attachment, wear kinks or broken cable strands, improper repairs)
9. Load for security (for compliance with the requirements of Ontario Regulation 614)
10. Load covering (for compliance with the requirements of Regulation 577)
11 Air brake adjustment and connections (for absence of braking action on each wheel, missing, broken or loose mechanical components where readily visible, audible air leaks and brake re-adjustment limits)
12. Hydraulic brake Fluid (for visible leakage)
13. Mirrors (as required under the Act and the regulations, for condition and adjustment

1. Steering wheel (excessive play, looseness)
2. Brake pedal (reserve and fade)
3. Brake booster (operation)
4. Brake failure warning light (functions as intended)
5. Brake air pressure or vacuum gauge
6. Warning signal, low pressure or low vacuum
7. Windshield washer and wipers (function as intended)
8. Windshield and windows (are to afford the driver a clear view)
9. Mirrors (adjustment and condition)
10. Defroster and heaters (function as intended)
11. Horn (functions as intended)
12. Driver's seat belt and seat security (function as intended)
13. Parking brake (adequate to hold vehicle)
14. Emergency equipment (as required under any Act and the regulations made thereunder for that class of vehicle)

Our trained and Licensed staff will perform and review all the above components allowing you and your vehicles to meet the standards of (MTO) under the Highway Traffic Act. Keeping your commercial vehicles up to standards to avoid heavy fines and much unneeded grief. 
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  1. The information above is all with accordance to the MTO Highway Traffic Act. This information meets the standards and rules and regulation that will as operators and owners of the above vehicles must follow and perform all necessary maintenance to meet or exceed the Highway Traffic Act.


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