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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Spring Maintenance Tips, at RJ Pick Ups Service!

March 27, 2012

This is an article l came across on researching the topic on “Spring Maintenance” on your vehicle. We at RJ Pick up Service; we understand what your car needs to run efficiently and up to its peak performance after a long and dreadful winter.

What our blog is focusing on,
is "Saving” you money when you could’ve had prevent it, with simple maintenance. That you did not expect, following our blog and our mission will save you time and grief. We educate our clients with knowledge on how to keep their repair bills down. Hope you have enjoyed and benefited from this article...

After battling months of snow and icy roads, your car is undoubtedly in desperate need of some serious tender-loving care. Follow this spring checklist to ensure that your car is tuned up and spring-ready.

Remove your winter tires / rotate all season radials

– If you have winter tires, it’s finally time to store them. If you don’t have winter tires, it’s equally important to have all season tires rotated. Driving in the winter weather can be hard on tires. Rotating tires regularly extends their life and will give you better braking and handling. This is especially important when you’re driving on wet roads that are typical during spring.
Wiper blades check

– Your wipers work hard all winter wiping away dirt and debris on your windshield. It is a good idea to replace them in the spring to be prepared for April showers.
Brake check – After the cold winter be sure to check your brakes. One of the warning signs is brake noise, including excessive grinding, squealing, screeching or chatter.

Clean the under body

– In addition to washing the exterior, be sure to spray the under body and underneath the rear and front bumpers to rinse away any salt build-up which can lead to erosion and rusting. Use a high-pressure sprayer or garden hose for best results.

Interior clean-up

– Vacuum, vacuum, vacuum! Be sure to throw away any unwanted garbage that has hibernated under your seats over the winter. And now is the time to store your winter car mats in the garage.
Apply a protectant

– Any vinyl surface including the dashboard, seats and the steering wheel are susceptible to cracking, sun damage and fading – be sure to apply a protectant at the beginning of the season and touch-up regularly.
Change oil

– If you’ve been using thinner oil for winter (i.e. 5W30) change back to 10W30 for warmer weather. But make sure you stick to the manufacturer’s recommended oil type for your car!

Check all fluids to make sure they’re topped up

– In the winter months, fluids are easily depleted as your engine works harder in the colder weather. Make sure to double-check all the car’s fluids regularly.
Wash your car

– Just like a good maintenance program prolongs the life and performance of your car, all vehicles regardless of the finish (clear coat, acrylic, enamel, etc.) require regular washing throughout the year. To preserve your car’s shine and protect the surface, wax your vehicle once it has dried completely.

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  1. Long winters, but not this year, what did happen to our routine now our vehicles we stored, and now we need to get them summer ready. So we can enjoy our investment, why work so hard to have some enjoyment in our life's. We take pride in our let us look your vehicle over, and make you summer a pleasant one....enjoy it hope these tips provided you as a reader benefits, on how to save and make it happen...


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