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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Specials on Reese 5th Wheels and Goose Necks!

March 14, 2012

Big trucks require big hitches! We offer high quality Reese, Draw-Tite to suite all of your towing needs. We provide 5th wheels and Goose Necks for all Makes and Models professionally installed by our professional staff. Our pricing will included rails and installation kit, if a break controller is required for your truck, there will be an extra charge to supply and install your break controller.

There is no room for mistakes when we drill holes in your truck, has to be done professionally; why take a chance and save a little. Is it worth what you save, by having it done incorrectly,
only you can be the judge.

Reese Pro Series with a Capacity 15,000 - 3,750 lbs
Spring Special $899.95 includes Installation and rail kit
plus applicable taxes ! 
 Offer Expires June 30th, 2012

Reese Goose Neck Capacity of 25,000 - 6,250 lbs includes rail
installation kit installed and supplied
Spring Special $599.99
Plus applicable taxes
 Offer Expires June 30th, 2012

We also supply and professionally install trailer hitches for all Makes and Models from your basic "Class 1 Up to 2,000 lbs to Class 5 Up to 14,000 lbs" all our prices included sleeve, ball and wiring for your brake lights, if a brake controller is required there will be an additional cost. With brand names Reese, Draw-Tite and Hidden Hitch"

With prices starting from $399.95 depending on the
Make and Model of your vehicle.
Price includes installation and wiring
Plus applicable taxes
  Offer Expires June 30th, 2012

241A Main Street North
Uxbridge, Ontario, L9P 1C3
Phone 905-852-4238

We're driving towards a cure with every car we service
show your support and go pink!!


  1. We provide you with the most competitive prices in the industry, quality craftsmanship and customer for life, is what we aim at. The process is simple we maintain vehicles and cushman products. If you have an automotive need, we more then likely can solve the problem at a price where we both win. We educate our customers, making sure they understand how it all works and meeting their financial obligations. Follow our blog and we do appreciate the support. With the uncertain of the economy, we want to make sure your doing all you can to keep your maintenance cost by performing necessary work to your vehicle before it cost you more then you bargained for. Please leave us your feed back how we improve, thanks for reading this comment..

  2. We have had the opportunity to review the above article and savings, as time approach, it is time to lead to another direction. We need to review these savings and take advantage of them. We have added an expire date to you "Savings" all comes to an end on April 30th, 2012..........share this and please feel free to leave us some feedback.......all the best...


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