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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Keep Your Vehicle Wheels Balanced and Aligned!

February 21, 2012

Keep Your Vehicle Wheels Balanced and Aligned!

This is one of the biggest causes that will kill the life of your tires and front end, leading to more complicated future repair bills that can be avoided with simply making sure you have had your wheels balanced properly and a yearly front end wheel alignment.

Tires and front end that are not properly balanced and aligned, tires will drag instead of rolling freely.
The end results are an increase usage of fuel consumption, reduce tire life expectation and create problems with how your vehicle's handling and ride. Make sure to performing a yearly inspection on your front end and have an annual front wheel alignment done.

The second tip you will need to perform on a monthly bases is to make sure your tires have the correct tire pressure. By looking inside the drivers door you will find the correct (PSI) for the front tires and your rear tires. In some case the fronts and rears tires may have a different (PSI) that is specifically rated for your vehicle and tires. Make sure you get this information from your vehicle and not from what is suggested on your tires.

This is specialty important in winter conditions as with the drop in temperature will have an immediate effect on your PSI on your tires. So by perform this simple procedure you will have proper inflated tires to handle all winter conditions and provide you a more fuel efficient vehicle. It's advisable to purchase your own tire pressure gauge because those at air pumps are often inaccurate or missing

As a rule of thumb you should also have your tires rotated with every second oil change and properly balanced. If they are not properly balanced, your vehicle will feel a pounding or shaking through the steering wheel. This will provide your vehicle to perform at it's highest capacity, providing even distribution of the wear evenly among all four tires and providing longer tire life.

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  1. We all own a vehicle, why do we not look after it. Main reason you have no guidance, perhaps no desire or you have a lot of money. Some of the reasons but if you take some action and follow some of the recommendation and it saves you some money that you can perhaps spend it else where. why are you not doing it, hey we all have the ability, first step is follow our free advise that will save you money, grief and most of all stress when you least expected it. Your vehicle is not performing accordingly and well your late for that appointment, could this have been prevented you know that answer..

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